Johnford VMC-1600

Product Details

Johnford VMC-1600







Longitudinal Travel (X) Axis                                           63″

Cross Travel (Y) Axis                                                    33.5″

Vertical Trave (Z) Axis                                                   28″

Table to Spindle                                                            5.9″ min/33.9″ max

Spindle Center to Column                                              35″



Table Working Surface                                                  70.9″ x 29.5″

Maximum Workload on Table                                         10,000 LBS.

Table Surface                                                               Ground / T-slotted

No. of T-slots x Width                                                    7 x 18mm




Spindle Taper                                                                CAT-40


Spindle Speed                                                              0-10,000

Ballscrews and Axis Motors

X-Y-Z Ballscrew Diameter                                              50mm (1.98”) x 10mm pitch

Ballscrew Type                                                              Class 3 double nut pre-loaded

Ballscrew Mounting Type                                               Pre-tensioned

X-Y-Z Servo Motor HP                                                   9.0 – 9.0 – 5.2HP

Servo Motor Mounting                                                   Direct coupled



Rapid Traverse Rate X,Y,Z                                            708, 472 IPM

Cutting Feed Rate                                                         472 IPM

Positioning Accuracy                                                     +/- 0003″ full stroke

Repeatability                                                                 .0002″



Coolant Tank Capacity                                                  120 Gallons

Machine Weight (base machine only)                             38,500 LBS

Floor Space                                                                  178” x 178″ x 137”

Machine Power Source                                                  208 / 220 Volts, 3 Phase 150 Amps**

Air Source                                                                     90 PSI

**Consult AMT or your local distributor for exact power requirements when ordering**



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Automatic Pallet Changer (option)

Table Working Surface                                                  66.9″ x 29.5″

Maximum Workload on Pallet                                         4000 LBS.

Pallet Surface                                                               Milled / T-slotted

No. of T-slots x Width                                                    7 x 18mm

Pallet Change Time                                                       40 seconds



Standard Machine Accessories                                                                                                           

Full Machine Enclosure Guarding

Flood Coolant System with programmable air blast

Air blast for spindle

Auto Lubrication with Alarm

(4) Screw type chip conveyors for automated chip removal

Halogen work lamp

2 speed geared head with spindle / headstock cooler

Remote Handwheel

Heat exchangers for control cabinets

Rigid Tapping